Innovations Seek Investments: Discover 7 Exceptional BiH Start-Ups

At Innovations Seek Investments online pitch gatherings, we use the expertise of the USAID Diaspora Invest Project team to support the growth of innovative business ideas. In our recent online pitch event, we introduced seven exciting ideas and innovations, and we’re happy to present them here with you. Reach out and connect with these young individuals and their great ideas!

SAHTIJAN: Sahtijan is an innovative company specializing in software and hardware automation. They create solutions to optimize business processes and enhance efficiency, offering adaptable, intelligent automation systems tailored to specific needs, with a focus on the wood and metal sectors. Their unique approach combines software architecture with hardware for comprehensive operational optimization. Get in touch with Dženan Klapuh and Đenan Ćosović for more information about this innovation in development.

.Cheyf: Cheyf is a slow-travel startup targeting the German market, providing immersive journeys through Bosnia-Herzegovina. They prioritize mindfulness and deep cultural immersion, enabling travelers to savor each place and connect with the local culture and natural beauty. Cheyf showcases the rich diversity of the country, highlighting unique cultural blends and historical elements. Reach out to Kathrin Numić and Nermin Numić to learn more.

Connect Arena: Connect Arena is the first e-Sport stadium in Sarajevo, making a significant contribution to the e-gaming scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This facility offers a dedicated space for e-sport events, tournaments, and casual gaming, fostering the local gaming community and raising awareness about the cultural impact of e-sports in the region. But there is more to it! Contact Matea Alikadić and Elsin Uzunović for potential partnerships.

Kahvana: This is a young startup known for combining technology with IT creativity, humor and hardwork. With endorsements from the region and a dedicated team, Kahvana promises innovation and in their field. They are currently developing client-oriented products from scratch. Reach out to Tarik Halilović ic for more information.

Rekboo: Rekboo is the first meal kit delivery service in Bosnia and Herzegovina, inspired by the local word “burek.” They simplify meal planning by delivering ingredients and step-by-step recipes to your doorstep. Their innovative approach makes cooking accessible to everyone, and they aim to expand their service across the country. Contact Dino Buric for more information and to support their initiative.

Plashtenik: This team’s agricultural automation product is engineered to provide an efficient solution for the agriculture sector. It is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of users who possess a smartphone. Leveraging advanced technology, Plashtenik’s system offers real-time data analysis, precision control, and remote monitoring capabilities. This enables farmers and agricultural professionals to optimize their farming processes, such as irrigation, fertilization, and pest control, with precision and ease. The system’s intuitive interface and compatibility with smartphones make it a powerful tool for enhancing agricultural productivity while minimizing manual labor and resource wastage. Reach out to Eldar Kepić, Zerin Redžepović, Osman Azabagic and Faruk Šehić for more info.

Locker24: Locker provides a complete solution for establishing a new mail retrieval infrastructure through a mobile application and smart lockers. As part of the comprehensive solution, Locker manufactures, sets up, and maintains both hardware and software components. Alongside the smart locker, Locker offers a user application, a postal worker application, and a web control panel. Next to this, Locker24 established crowdfunding initiative that modernizes collective investments. It enables small and medium-sized investors to contribute to the expansion of innovative locker products in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Reach out to Filip Golome and Miran Dzidic.

If you have some interesting idea or innovation to suggest, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the USAID Diaspora Invest Project. You can reach us through the LinkedIn, or send us an email to info@diasporainvest.ba. We welcome your valuable contributions and look forward to hearing from you.



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