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Business center BH diaspora – Diaspora Business Center (DBC) operates as part of the organization ‘Naša perspektiva’, which since 2010 has been working on involving the diaspora in the development of BiH. DBC, acting on the one-stop-shop principle, provides services and necessary support to:

  1. to the business diaspora in order to facilitate investment and establish business cooperation in BiH,
  2. existing investors, members of BiH. diaspora, in order to further develop their business in BiH,
  3. domestic businessmen through the expansion of their business to foreign markets, connecting them with companies (and individuals from B&H) that own the company or in which the people of BH diaspora work.

  4. units of local self-governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to facilitate the involvement of the diaspora in the development of the place of origin.


Activities with the business community/investors from the diaspora and B&H

DBC services:

  • Provision of information
  • Investment support services
  • Business connection services/B2B
  • Business planning and consulting services
  • Other, namely the implementation of activities aimed at:
    • transfer of knowledge and experience by the BiH diaspora in BiH,
    • launching new investment and development projects with the diaspora,
    • networking B&H diaspora with the aim of joint investment in BiH
    • establishing cooperation with the second and third generation of emigrants (young people)


Activities with local self-government units (JLS) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In addition to working with investors, DBC provides support to local communities in order to facilitate the involvement of the diaspora in the development of the place of origin. The activities carried out at the local level are:


  • Creation of local strategies and plans for cooperation with the diaspora
  • Mapping the diaspora at the local level
  • Establishing forms of cooperation with the diaspora (local offices for the diaspora, local coordinators for the diaspora, advice / councils for the diaspora, etc.)
  • Providing training to participants within LGUs
  • Establishing communication channels with the diaspora (social networks, newsletters…)
  • Creation of promotional materials intended for the diaspora (diaspora profiles/guides)
  • Organization of meetings with the diaspora (business, professional and other meetings)
  • Facilitating the transfer of diaspora knowledge in places of origin

“Naša Perspektiva” is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in February 2010, with a focus on involving BiH. diaspora in the development of the country of origin.

Naša Perspektiva je nevladina, neprofitna organizacija osnovana u februaru 2010. godine, sa fokusom na involviranje bh. dijaspore u razvoj zemlje porijekla.