Invest in projects in BiH



Through our previous work, we realized that the diaspora is interested in investing in BiH. In support of this, numerous companies throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina that were started with the support of, or by, the BiH diaspora speak in support of this. These companies have not only created new jobs, but also introduced new technologies and new ways of doing business in the environments in which they operate.

However, the development potential in this context is unfortunately still mostly unused. Namely, there are currently no mechanisms in BiH that would facilitate investment by the diaspora through investment funds, crowdfunding platforms and the like.

The USAID Diaspora Invest project team, together with the BH Diaspora Business Center, is currently in the process of creating an investment/crowdfunding/lending platform for the diaspora, which will soon be put into operation.

More information on this will follow shortly.

Until the platform is put into operation, take a look at the database of investment projects, created by the Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investments – FIPA here 

“Naša Perspektiva” is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in February 2010, with a focus on involving BiH. diaspora in the development of the country of origin.

Naša Perspektiva je nevladina, neprofitna organizacija osnovana u februaru 2010. godine, sa fokusom na involviranje bh. dijaspore u razvoj zemlje porijekla.